Integration of the Month: Tyro

Erply is a cloud-based platform, built for integration. Whether you need to create a multi-channel retail solution that integrates your physical stores with e-Commerce platforms or sync your store with existing accounting software, we have an integration that will work for you and enhance the success of your business. In this article, we will cover Tyro EFTPOS integration.

With Erply Australia’s integration with Tyro, you can manage your electronic payments, reduce the cost of their acceptance and improve your business processes. By integrating Tyro with ERPLY Australia, you enable your customers a faster and streamlined way to pay, and have the ability to accept Credit, Debit and PayPass™ payments on iPad, Mac or PC. Erply integration with Tyro provides both in-store and mobile payment solutions.


What is EFTPOS?

EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale) is a technology that allows retailers to directly receive funds from a customer’s bank account via their debit or credit card.

EFTPOS is the most frequently used payment system in Australia. According to official figures, the system handles approximately 70% of debit card transactions in Australia. In total, over 6 million transactions are made daily via more than 760,000 EFTPOS terminals.*


A Better Banking Experience: Erply Australia Integration with Tyro

In today’s retail world, customers naturally expect you to accept payments via credit and debit card. Without an EFTPOS terminal, you’ll likely be losing potential revenue. Besides this fact, the quality of the payment process is also very critical. Quick and reliable card payment processing is expected everywhere. Slow and painful payment processes can damage your brand value and put off the chances of repeat customers. For this reason, your EFTPOS terminal plays a critical role in improving your business. But how can Erply and Tyro integration help you to improve your business? Let’s take a look.


Save Time With An Easy Set Up Process

With any new piece of kit, an easy and quick set up process is the hope and desire of every business owner. If you are a small business with limited resources and time, this matter can be even more pressing. What you want is something quick and simple to set up, so you can focus on what is important – serving customers and growing your company. Once you integrate your Erply POS with Tyro and receive your EFTPOS terminal, you will be able to set up the payment option in POS in just a few quick steps, and if you need it, Erply technical support is on hand to help you to make the task as smooth and pain-free as possible. task


With Faster Transactions Equals Happier Customers

The speed and smoothness of the check-out process leaves a lasting impression in the mind of a customer, and can often cement the lasting impression they have of your business as they leave. Faster transactions mean happier customers, and happier customers mean more sales and revenue for your business.

For multi-location retail chains especially, or business owners with multiple registers, the speed of transactions is a key feature you might consider when choosing your EFTPOS. By integrating your Erply POS with Tyro, you can process payments in an instant on any device, whether it be iPad, Mac or PC. The integration provides real-time transaction reporting on your Erply POS and captures payment data immediately. Tyro integration helps you to confidently and effectively handle transactions – crucial at peak times when queues may be long – and eliminate payment errors with instant syncing between your EFTPOS and Erply POS. Expect most payments process in less than 2 seconds, and completion rates frequently under 1.6 seconds if you are utilizing a broadband or Wi-Fi connection.

Besides the speedy nature of Tyro EFTPOS terminals, by integrating your Erply POS, you can also accept Tap & Save payments. Tap & Save payments help you to reduce queues at check-out as your customers can simply pay by “tapping” their card. This feature can also help you to reduce Merchant Service Fees by processing contactless debit transactions through the less expensive EFTPOS network. With ERPLY & Tyro integration, on average, you can save more than 6% on Merchant Service Fees. Actual savings for each business vary depending on their card mix transaction volume and amount, industry and pricing plan.


Accept Multiple Payment Options

By allowing your customers to pay in various ways, you can increase revenue and improve the rate of repeat customers. With Erply, you can accept many different types of payment methods, including Afterpay. If you are using Afterpay integration with Erply POS, Tyro’s EFTPOS terminals will allow your customers to buy now and pay later, as Tyro also integrates with Afterpay.

Erply integration with Tyro is only available to customers who are based in Australia.






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