A Surefire Sales Hit: Add New Payment Methods to Your Erply POS

The customer can pay for the product or service in a number of ways – by card or in cash, by splitting the payment or paying a part in cash and part by card, using a gift certificate or via bank transfer based on an invoice. Online payments using a web store are also gaining popularity. As Erply’s customer, you have access to all of these payment methods directly from the checkout.

Keep in mind that even if your standard package doesn’t include these payment methods, you can easily add new payment methods using your Erply POS. All you need to do is download the plugins designed for adding new payment methods.

To add additional payment methods, you need two plugins: Custom Payment Types for BO and Custom Payment Types for POS. Once you’ve installed the plugins, you can begin setting up the various payment methods to suit your needs.

For example, you can opt for the following payment methods: bank transfer, cash, card, credit invoice, gift certificate, netting, and prepayment. All you need to do is tick the desired payment method in the POS and continue by settling payments as normal. Remember that the different payment methods will also be displayed on the receipt and in your reports.

The plugin yields great payoff – the tool helps significantly boost sales. Contact us at support@erply.com or call +1-917-210-1251.

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