Berlin POS version 3.5.6 release notes

Build: 2015081301
Base version: 3.4.4

New Features

  • Promotion info displayed for each receipt row

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 16.00.06

  • Open pending sale via URL adding to end of the url: ?sale_id=PENDING_SALE_ID (replace PENDING_SALE_ID with actual document ID)


  • Highlight colors for Receipt rows updated
  • Built in on-screen keyboard handles input better
  • Manual input for scales are handled better when scale is connected via EDI (External Device Integrator) but user wants to enter weight manually


  • Product groups rendered double when first startup of completely clean POS
  • Quick buttons showing matrix variations and then getting stuck, but actually should have displayed error message
  • Configuration now allows removing payments when doing return/void
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