Erply API version 1.10.4

  • For new Polish accounts, Polish language will be enabled by default.
  • For new Dutch accounts, Dutch language will be enabled by default.
  • Additions to the “Quantities in Bins” API:
    • Fields “allowedProduct”, “replenishmentMinimum”, “maximumAmount”, “order”, “preferred” added to API getBins and saveBin.
    • Input filter “preferred” added to API getBins, getBinRecords and getBinQuantities (to retrieve data from preferred bins only).
    • Output field “preferred” added to API getBinRecords and getBinQuantities (to indicate whether each record belongs to a preferred or non-preferred bin).
    • Input filter “productIDs” added to API getBinQuantities.
    • Input fields “documentType” and “documentID” in API saveBinRecords are no longer compulsory.
  • Improved: API prevents changing product or supplier code if it is used for inter-account synchronization.
  • Fixed: When creating Inventory Registrations or Inventory Write-Offs, API checked wrong user rights.
  • Fixed: In certain cases, API calls getCustomers and getPurchaseDocuments produced error 1000 on franchise accounts.
  • Security fixes.
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