Erply API version 1.16.0

New features

  • The logic of promotions has been changed: promotions (both invoice-level and item-level promotions) will no longer apply to gift cards.
    • Gift cards are the products that have the “This product is a serial numbered gift card” or “This product is a regular gift card” check box checked on product card.
    • A gift card can still be a promotion trigger (as in “Buy a gift card and get the following discount on some other product”), but it cannot receive any promotion discounts itself.
  • Field "code" has been added to API call getReasonCodes. If you are using Classic back office, version 4.5.0 or newer, you can specify “codes” (alphanumeric identifiers, for example) to Reason Codes. These might be useful for integrations or custom reporting.
  • Field "reasonID" has been added to API calls getCampaigns and saveCampaign – to associate a promotion with a reason code. This might be useful for building custom reports.
  • With API call saveSalesDocument, it is now possible to associate an invoice with a recurring, metered, billing, too — in addition to ordinary recurring billings.
    • Input parameter "billingStatementID#" will accept the ID of a metered billing and will not return an error code.
    • In addition to that, API client must supply input parameter "billingReadingIDs#". For API it is important to know which readings of the meter the invoice must be associated with.
    • If field "billingStatementID#" refers to an ordinary billing, parameter "billingReadingIDs#" must be omitted. Otherwise API will return error code 1013.
  • New API call getTaxExemptions has been added. This is a reporting-related API call.


  • API call getChangedDataSince supports querying for 4 new kinds of objects:
    • Inventory Registrations
    • Inventory Transfers
    • Inventory Write-Offs
    • Payments


  • Fixed: API call getUserOperationLog did not order the returned records by ID. When retrieving multiple pages of data, API client might not have been able to get the IDs of all deleted objects.
  • Improvements related to record management in franchise chains.
  • Fixed: when adding, updating or deleting an address, the “last changed” timestamp of the related customer or supplier must be updated, too.

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