Erply API version 1.17.0

New features


  • New input parameter "getProductsFor" = "SALES" | "ORDERING" has been added to API call getProducts. This filter returns products that the given store is allowed to sell or purchase, according to the store’s assortment. Even if assortments are not in use, it can be used as a status filter.
  • API call getSellableProducts has been added.

Multi-language price lists and promotions


  • Attribute support has been added to API calls getAssortmentsgetStoreRegionssaveAssortment, and saveStoreRegion.
  • Field "cashierMustEnterPrice" has been added to API calls saveProduct and getProducts.
  • Support for “subsidies” (originally added in API version 1.13.0) has been improved; the following fields have been added:
    • "purchasedProductSubsidies" and "awardedProductSubsidies" in API call saveCampaign;
    • "purchasedProducts" → "subsidy" and "awardedProducts" → "subsidy" in API call getCampaigns;
    • "unitItemSubsidy""unitTransactionSubsidy""totalItemSubsidy""totalTransactionSubsidy" in getAppliedPromotionRecords.
  • Configuration parameter "customer_code_unique" = 1 has been added. When enabled, API call saveCustomer will require field "code" (national ID number for persons / registry code for companies) to be unique.


  • Fixed: Deleting a sales document will now also delete links between the deleted document, and any recurring billings and meter readings. (Previously, issues occurred when trying to re-create another invoice from the same recurring billing or reading.)
  • Fixed: In API call saveSalesDocument, if a document was re-saved without making changes to document rows, links between the document and recurring billings / meter readings were lost.
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