Erply API version 1.17.1


  • Fixed: when re-saving a sales or purchase document with API calls saveSalesDocument or savePurchaseDocument, and only updating/setting an attribute or some other field (without updating document rows), package quantities on rows were lost.
  • Fixed: when re-saving a sales document with API call saveSalesDocument, the “Billing period” information on invoice (start and end date) was lost.
  • Fixed: API calls saveProductGroup and saveProductCategory no longer allow to set a group as its own parent.
  • Fixed: API call saveSalesDocument returned an error when saving a receipt with promotion information and a manual discount.
  • Fixed: API call getProductStock returned an error when using input parameters "getProductsWithReorderPointDefined" = 1 or "getProductsWithRestockLevelDefined" = 1.

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