Erply API version 1.21.0

New features

  1. API call getProducts can now return not only price list prices for a particular store, but also information about how these prices were calculated: which price lists applied, in what order, and how much discount each price list provided.
    • To get this information, set input parameter"getPriceCalculationSteps" = 1. For each product, API returns a block of information named"priceCalculationSteps".
    • Since this information is meant to accompany the"priceListPrice" and"priceListPriceWithVat" fields, you also need to set input parameters"getPriceListPrices" = 1 and "warehouseID" (to specify the store).
    • Your account must use Classic back office (version 4.5.0 or newer). On Berlin back office, the feature is not supported yet.
  2. Field"typeID" (payment type ID) has been added to payments returned from API call getFranchiseSalesDocuments.
  3. Input parameter"getCurrentUser" = 1 has been added to API call getUserRights. Setting this flag returns your own user rights (the rights of the currently authenticated user).


  1. Fixed: API call getProductGroups returned an error when filters “productGroupID” and “searchAttributeName” were combined.
  2. Fixed: API call getEmployees returned an error when filters “warehouseID” and “searchName” were combined.
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