Erply API version 1.27.0

New features

  1. New API calls have been added:
    1. addItemToMatrixDimension
    2. editItemInMatrixDimension
    3. syncTotalProductStock
    4. setSalesOrderAsFulfilled
    5. getRegisterTotalSalesOverTime
    6. registerReceiptPrint
    7. getReceiptPrints
    8. getUnfinishedSales
  2. API call getUserOperationsLog can now be queried for deleted Inventory Registrations, Inventory Transfers and Inventory Write-Offs.
  3. API call getGateways returns one additional payment integration: “TriPOS Cloud”.
  4. API call createInstallation now requires user names and email addresses to be no longer than 100 characters. (Error code 1156 is returned if either value is too long.) Similarly, API call saveUser requires user names to be no longer than 100 characters.
  5. API call verifyUser returns a new field "remindUserToUpdateUsername" (with a value of 0 or 1). This field is intended for a specific workflow in Berlin POS.
  6. API call verifyUser may now return error code 1068, indicating that the user cannot log in until they have confirmed their email address.


  1. API call createInstallation now returns error code 1155 if an account cannot be immediately prepared. It will no longer hand out a “pending” or “tentative” account number (an account that does not exist yet, but will be created later).

    Since API clients may expect to be able to immediately use the new account, returning a non-existing number would have caused issues. In practice, this issue (new account unavailability) has occurred very rarely and mostly with sandbox / demo accounts.

  2. Support for an obsolete Google Apps login feature has been removed.
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