Erply API version 1.5.10

  • Reasons for tax exemption (purpose = "TAX_EXEMPTION") can now be retrieved with API getReasonCodes.
  • Added configuration parameter zreport_hide_drawer_openings. Set the parameter to 1 if you do not want to see the “drawer opened” events listed in the Z Report.
  • Fixed: In some cases, API calculateShoppingCart calculated an incorrect cart total when buying a fractional quantity.
  • Fixed: In some cases, API calculateShoppingCart made a 1-cent error when applying promotions “Get $ off the entire invoice”.
  • Clarified and improved the behavior of the following two promotion features in API calculateShoppingCart:
    • A promotion that gives % or $ off of multiple items in the cart;
    • The setting that discount should apply to the least-priced item in the shopping cart. (There is a check box on promotion card for that.)
  • Input parameter “productIDs” added to API getSalesReport. (This allows filtering invoice rows by multiple products, not just one.) This change also requires back office version 4.3.18+.
  • New report variant SALES_BY_MATRIX_WITH_DRILL_DOWN added to API getSalesReport.
  • Support for Element TriPOS additional data added to API getPayments and savePayment.
  • Changes related to the new configuration framework.
  • Security fixes and optimizations.

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