Erply API version 1.5.27

  • Pusher service discovery added for Berlin POS (field “pusherAuthenticationURLs” in API verifyUser).
  • Field “pricelistID” added to API calculateShoppingCart.
  • Flag “doNotApplyPromotions” added to API calculateShoppingCart.
  • Fixed: API savePayment incorrectly returned an error when input contained Cayan-specific parameters.
  • Fixed: API saveSalesDocument incorrectly returned an error when re-saving a confirmed invoice that contained bundles.
  • Fixed: Automatic transfer to offline inventory (in API saveSalesDocument) is now triggered by a negative quantity, not document type.
  • Fixed API saveProduct now accepts supplier’s code by its documented field name, “supplierCode”. Previously, input parameter “code4” was accepted; this remains as an alias.
  • Security fixes.
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