Erply API version 1.5.28, 1.5.29

  • Field “inventoryTransactionDate” added to API getSalesDocuments, getPurchaseDocuments, getInventoryRegistrations, getInventoryWriteOffs, getInventoryTransfers.
  • For POS, API switchUser call now outputs the same service discovery URLs (“cayanGatewayURLs” etc.) as API verifyUser.
  • Support for the configuration setting “Sales Order does not reserve goods” added to API.
  • API getSalesDocuments now runs faster.
  • API saveProduct and getProducts: added support for extra product codes (Code 5, Code 6, Code 7, Code8). This is an extra feature that customer support can enable when needed.
  • Fixed: API saveUser checked user rights incorrectly and in some cases did not allow a manager to edit a user.
  • Fixed: Bug fixes in API saveGiftCard, saveDocument, savePOSStatistics.
  • Fixed: it was not possible to overwrite fields “associateID” and “professionalID” (custom fields for one customer) on the rows of a confirmed sales document.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, API getSalesReport produced output in incorrect format (HTML).

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