Erply API version 1.6.5

  • Physical stocktaking counts can be annotated with comments: field “comment” added to API getStocktakingReadings and saveStocktakingReadings.
  • Support for promotions requiring manager’s approval has been added.
    • Flag “requiresManagerOverride” added to API getCampaigns and saveCampaign.
    • Flag “rightPOSManagerOverride” added to API getUserRights.
    • If a manual promotion is marked with the abovementioned flag (requires store manager’s approval) then POS should prompt for a store manager’s PIN or password. (A store manager is anyone with the “rightPOSManagerOverride” flag.)
  • Fixed: API calculateShoppingCart now supports applying a promotion manually multiple times.
  • Flag “canBeAppliedManuallyMultipleTimes” added to API getCampaigns.
  • Field “euInvoiceType” added to API calculateShoppingCart.
  • Support for product extra codes (Code 5 – Code 8) added to API saveMasterListProducts and API copyMasterListProductsToErply.

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