ERPLY Back Office version 4.3.4

  • A new report, Reports → “Invoices and Payments” has been added. It is useful for tracking which of the invoices from a selected period have already been paid by customers, and which not. The report lists all the invoices in the selected period, and paid / unpaid amounts for each invoice, with totals at the bottom.
  • We have also deprecated two old reports which were not useful to most of the customers: “Payments vs. invoice lines” and “Sales and Payments”. These reports have been removed from the user interface by default, but can be re-enabled with configuration parameters.
    • To re-enable “Payments vs. invoice lines”, apply configuration parameter “enable_payments_and_invoice_lines_report” = 1. This report breaks down all sales invoices by line, and shows whether that item has already been paid for, or what fraction (in case of a partial payment) has been paid. This report has been deprecated because typically it provides too detailed information to give a useful overview.
    • To re-enable “Sales and payments”, apply configuration parameter “enable_sales_and_payments_report” = 1. This report lists all the products in the system and shows the sales total and paid total for each product. This report has been deprecated because product catalogs are typically large and in that case the report would show thousands and thousands of lines filled with zeroes.
  • New access rights option has been added to user groups: “☑ Edit customers’ reward point amounts”. Clear the check box if you do not want this user group to be able to edit the point amount on customer card.
  • Fixed: ERPLY did not allow to apply a discount to an invoice row when unit price was very small.
  • Fixed: When user does not have access to the Price Lists module, Price List fields are now hidden from Customer card, Customer Group card, and Location card.
  • Fixed: invoice form sometimes automatically added an unnecessary “unit” to a free-text row.
  • Fixed: removed one case where ERPLY automatically added an unnecessary payment to a Quote.
  • Configuration settings “pos_allow_sale_giftcard_regular”, “pos_allow_sale_giftcard_serial” will now be applied to all new accounts.
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