ERPLY Back Office version 4.3.0, 4.3.1

Sales Promotions Report

Sales Promotions Report has been significantly improved and moved into a separate section: Reports → Sales Promotions. This is the recommended report for checking the results of a promotion (how many times it has been invoked, and much discount has been given). It shows accurate information even if multiple cumulative promotions have been applied to a sale.

On new accounts it will be installed by default; on older accounts it needs to be enabled by customer support. The report works together with Offline POS and Berlin POS (Touch POS is not supported).

  • Additional filtering options.
  • Additional columns and links to invoices, products and customers.
  • Data is grouped by promotion.

Disabling or limiting reward points, coupons and promotions

  • A customer, or a whole customer group can now be excluded from receiving reward points. A check box “☑ This customer does not earn new reward points” has been added to customer card and customer group card.
  • Coupon printing can be disabled for a customer. A check box “☑ POS does not automatically print coupons to this customer” has been added to Customer card.
  • Coupons issued from POS can now have an expiry date. See Settings → Configuration → Invoices and Sales → “Issued coupons are valid for”
  • Flag “☑ Each customer can use the promotion only once” has been added to promotions. ERPLY will keep track when the promotion has been applied to a sale, and prevent it from being invoked for the same customer again. The promotion itself can be applicable either manually or automatically — it will work the same in both cases. Internally, ERPLY will generate “coupons” with special codes to keep track; the presence of a coupon code in the system, associated with a customer, means that the customer has already used the promotion and cannot do it again. However, these coupons do not need to be managed by the user.

New promotion parameters

1) When making a $ discount off the entire invoice, it can be:

  • divided only between items in the list
  • divided between any items, except those on the list.

Note that the total $ discount off the invoice will still be the same, but some items on the receipt will be at the original price and others will get a proportionally bigger discount.

2) When making a % discount off of every item on the invoice,

  • certain items can be excluded from getting the % discount;
  • the discount can be set to apply only on certain items.

Other loyalty changes

  • Settings → Configuration: reward point settings have been moved from “Invoices and sales” to a separate section, “Customer Reward Points”.
  • Field “Gender” has been added to customer card.
  • Issued coupons module: Customer filter now supports searching by customer loyalty card code.

A few more technical changes in loyalty

  • New additional module “Reward point extra fields”, which, when enabled, allows plugins to store the following extra data:
    • Which salesperson entered the additional points, and from which register it was done, and a free-text description.
    • A link between subtracted points and a coupon (when reward points are exchanged for a coupon), and a free-text description.
  • A configuration setting to allow reward points to be decimal values, instead of only integers. This feature has to be activated by the development team. (Related configuration parameter is "reward_points_is_double".)
    • Furthermore, if that feature is enabled, it is possible to configure how many decimal places the points should have (by default 4). Name of the setting is"reward_points_decimals".


  • Configuration settings added:
    • "show_original_price_on_receipt" – to display both the price before discount, and price after discount, on a sales receipt.
    • "show_card_payments_on_receipt" – to display credit card payment details (card type, expiration date, etc.) on a sales receipt. Please note that this information is already printed on receipt by default in US and Canada, so the setting is not needed there.
    • "show_redeemed_coupons_on_receipt" – to display a list of coupons, redeemed with this sale, on receipt printout.
    • "show_card_payments_basic_info_on_receipt" – when enabled (and when the account country is not US / CA, and “show_card_payments_on_receipt” has not been enabled), shows a less detailed list of card payments on the printout – only card type and paid amount.

Actual Reports printouts

  • A new user right setting has been added to user groups: “☑ Create and edit Actual Reports templates”. When removed, those users can only generate new Actual Reports printouts, but not modify the templates or add new ones.
  • fields ‘productGrossWeight’, ‘rowTotalGrossWeight’, ‘totalGrossWeight’ have been added to Inventory Transfers.
  • New configuration setting "invoice_ar_printout_enable_pricelist_prices" has been added. When enabled, it is possible to print price list prices on an Actual Reports sales document printout, for informative purposes.
  • AR sales document printouts: product attributes are now available on invoice rows.

Sales and purchase

  • Payments (in Sales → Payments) can now be deleted in bulk.
  • “List of undelivered items” on purchase documents now additionally displays initially ordered quantity, in addition to missing quantity.
  • A configuration setting 'purchase_return_disallow_positive_quantities' has been added, to adjust how Purchase Returns behave when the document contains positive quantities:
    • Purchase Returns display a warning if some lines have a positive amount (purchase_return_disallow_positive_quantities = 0, the default)
    • Purchase Returns cannot be saved or confirmed (purchase_return_disallow_positive_quantities = 1)
  • The “Matrix grid” on sales and purchase documents (the product picker for matrix items) now additionally displays dimension names and variation codes.
  • Configuration settings added:
    • "salesdocument_copy_with_attributes" – When making an Invoice from Order, Quote, or a Waybill, or crediting an invoice, the new document will inherit all the parent document’s custom attributes. (This only works when making the copy in back office, not over API.) Both regular and long attributes are copied.
    • "salesdocument_attributes_excluded_from_copying" – see previous. Exclude some attributes from being copied.


  • On the field “Store group” on Location card, it is now possible to specify multiple store groups, separated with commas.
    • Store groups can be used in report generator — as a filter for a sales report, for example.
  • Configuration settings added:
    • "inventory_registration_use_fifo_cost_as_default" – By default, when adding a product to an Inventory Registration, the cost is taken from 1) product card (the “Product cost” field); 2) if this is missing, the last purchase price in the selected location. With this flag enabled, ERPLY will first try to usethe average cost for the batches currently in stock. Only if there are no batches in stock, the other two options apply.
  • ERPLY now warns when creating an Inventory Transfer Order from another Inventory Transfer Order.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Inventory Transfer Order report (ie., going to Reports → Inventory Transfers and selecting Type: Transfer Order) did not work with upgraded inventory module.
  • Fixed: ‘Matrix Inventory’ report worked incorrectly if configuration setting 'warehouse_transfer_order_removes_items' was enabled.
  • Fixed: “Show total number of results” gave a wrong result if attribute filters (added with Javascript plugins) were used.
  • Fixed: Restrictions on Inventory Transfer Orders have been relaxed. Users can now create or edit any document if they have access rights to either the source OR the destination location. (Previously, ERPLY always required access rights to the destination location.)

Other changes

  • The “Prepayment” amount on Prepayment Invoices is no longer rounded down to full currency units. (Setting a 50% prepayment on a $27 invoice will now set the prepayment amount to $13.50, not $13).
  • “Create Stocktaking” view: new option “Include products with non-zero stock” has been added. (Previously, ERPLY only allowed to create a stocktaking for only positive quantities, or only negative quantities.)
  • A support request can now be submitted directly to ERPLY customer support. Select “Ask us a question” from the Help & About menu at the top right.
  • New Control Panel for customer support.
  • Some reports are now automatically disabled if customer’s database is too big:
    • Customer addresses, customer e-mails (with over 100,000 customers)
    • Reward Points report (with over 200,000 customers)
    • Account Movement report (with over 1,000,000 customers)
  • Javascript variable "ActualReportsURL" has been added, for plugins.
  • A few improvements in Erply-to-Erply EDI; when a purchase order is sent and a purchase invoice received over EDI, the system should automatically create a link between the two documents.
  • Optimizations in the matrix dimensions module, to support accounts with large number of dimensions and values.
  • User rights improvements in Physical Stocktaking:
    • Setting “User can only see stocktakings created by themselves” now works.
    • Locational user rights (with configuration parameters "users_can_see_only_own_warehouse_documents" and"users_can_see_only_own_warehouse_stock" are respected.
  • A few unused parts of the system have been removed.
  • Several customer-specific enhancements have been merged with the standard version.
  • Technical adjustments: multiple database connection capability for franchises.
  • Customer card and product card saving procedure has been optimized.
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