ERPLY Back Office version 4.3.18

  • Fixed: Physical Stocktaking counts were saved incorrectly and therefore the stocktaking summary reports did not show correct information.
  • Fixed: a check box on Promotion form now has a correct description “The discount is applied to the lowest-priced item in the cart”.
  • AR purchase document printouts: besides the product’s original name, it is now also possible to use the item name as it is written on the document.
  • Added configuration parameter locations_not_displayed_in_central_purchasing, to specify locations that should not be displayed in the Central Purchasing Report. The value of the parameter should be a comma-separated list of location IDs.
  • New “Recycle Fees Report” added for one customer. This report is contained within the back office, but needs to be enabled with a Javascript code snippet if needed. Please contact the development team if you need that report.
  • Implemented configuration parameter fixed_email_sender_address; when this address is defined, Erply pre-fills the “From” field in the email dialog with that fixed address, instead of using employee, store or corporate e-mail. This applies when sending a sales document, Payment Reminder or Balance statement. It does not apply when sending purchase documents.
  • Old product import now allows to import price list prices by specifying price list start date + end date.
  • Old product import now allows to import a customer-specific product attribute “notification_not_discountable”. To make this import field visible, set configuration parameter show_notification_not_discountable_in_product_import = 1. To make that attribute appear on the product card as an actual field, you can use a Javascript code snippet.
  • 5 new label formats added to old product label printing module.

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