ERPLY Back Office version 4.4.2

New features

  • Report “Distribute Goods to Selected Location” in Reports → Inventory:
    • Now respects all filters (product group, category, brand, supplier, priority group; product; product extra fields 1-4);
    • Add selected items to an existing open Transfer Order if one exists (ie., no longer creates a new Transfer Order each time);
    • In its suggestions ( “Total required” and “To be transfered”), it takes into account if a purchase order or transfer order has already been created.
  • New hidden configuration parameter "show_available_quantity_on_inventory_transfer" has been added. Enable that parameter if you want Inventory Transfers and Transfer Orders to display just the available (non-reserved) quantity, not total quantity, for each product.
  • Two new informative fields added to Billing Statements: “Start of seasonal billing” and “End of seasonal billing”.


  • Optimization on sales invoices (related to inventory quantities).
  • A few Lithuanian translations updated.


  • Fixed: in product import, price changes less than 0.005 were not saved.
  • Fixed: when opening a form in a pop-up window, plugins did not work in that window.
  • Fixed: Sales Summary report displayed an incorrect breakdown by months; some months were omitted.
  • Fixed: Report generator did not respect the “add” and “edit” user group rights, and there was no way to configure report delete rights.
  • Fixed: Clicking on product name or code in “Central Purchase Planning” report opened a window with incorrect URL.
  • Fixed: on the dashboard, moving mouse on an invoice number (in the “Last 10 confirmed invoices”) did not display an informative pop-over.
  • Security fixes.
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