ERPLY Back Office version 4.4.7

New features

  • In case of Australian AfterPay payments, the payment reference number will now be displayed on the receipt printout even if you have configured "show_card_payments_basic_info_on_receipt" = 1 (which otherwise only displays payment amount and card type, no other information).


  • New accounts are now by default created with an optimized data model for matrix dimensions.
    • For API clients, this change should be invisible. There are already many accounts with the optimized data model in use, it just had not been made the default option yet.
    • For back office users, the added benefits are:
      • Dimensions (Color, Size, etc.) can be reordered. Older data model does not allow dimension reordering at all.
      • Dimension values (eg. Small, Medium, Large) can be reordered with arrows, instead of entering a “sorting number”.
      • The names of dimensions and dimension values can be specified in multiple languages.
  • Field “Customer” on project form is no longer a required field.


  • Fixed: Filter “Show only items in stocks” in product export did not work in certain cases.
  • Fixed: Product import failed with an error on franchise accounts.
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