ERPLY Back Office version 4.4.8

New features

  • On product labels printed with Actual Reports, it is now possible to display the quantities of product packaging materials. (The fields for specifying this information on product card can be enabled as an extra module.)
  • Some limited options for changing the starting numbers of sales documents have been added to the Settings → Configuration page.
  • In Settings → Configuration → Matrix Products, it is now possible to specify that product code 3 … code 8 should also be updated on all matrix variations when you change the code on the parent product.
  • The command “More → Download as XML” on sales invoices now produces an XML electronic invoice in an updated format.


  • An optimization has been made available for the following reports. However, to enable that optimization, a data update must be performed first, and this can be done by the service administration team:
    • Reports → Sales → Unpaid invoices and balance statements
    • Reports → Overdue invoices → Overdue invoices
    • Reports → Overdue invoices → Customers Total Due
  • The visual of these three reports mentioned above has been slightly updated.
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