ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.0

Major changes

This update contains several security fixes.

Main menu has been improved. Menu items are now smartly resized when there is not enough horizontal space to display them; ie., the main menu will not overflow onto multiple lines any more.

Setting an account’s UI version with the “app_interface” configuration parameter, or resetting it to default, works reliably now. To apply Berlin UI to an account, set configuration parameter “app_interface” to “ERPLY2015”. To reset it to standard interface, set the parameter to an empty value. The change takes place immediately when user navigates to next page; there is no need to log out.

For easier data entry, there is now an “Add” button on each form, on the toolbar.

Modules “Stocktaking” and “Mobile stocktaking” have been restored.

Feature “Create POs from sales orders” has been restored.

It is now possible to configure more contact information and credentials per-location (ie. specify it on company card). Invoice printouts will display this location- specific information.

By setting configuration parameter "enable_company_name_and_code_on_location_card" = 1, it is also possible to set a different Company Name, Company Registration Number and VAT Number for each location. This might be useful for running a franchise chain in one account (where each location is a different company). However, please still verify each new franchise chain with the dev team. There are other factors which need to be considered (eg. franchise size) which might not make it possible to run the customer on one ERPLY account. Also, the user rights limitations (that users could not see information outside their own locations) are not fully in place yet.

We have made one adjustment in the ordering process. If an amount has been ordered with a PO, and a purchase invoice linked to that PO has been already entered into ERPLY, but not confirmed yet, then the amount will still remain in “ordered” status. The reports will show that such amount has been ordered and is pending. Formerly, between entering and confirming the purchase invoice, the amount was not accounted anywhere.


  • When there are no items selected in a list, the “bulk task” buttons are now disabled.
  • Customer’s balance is now displayed again on invoices and customer cards.
  • Field “Reward Points” has been restored on customer card. It is located in the sidebar.
  • Adding a new supplier on a Purchase Invoice, and other similar operations, are now more seamless. After you save the new Supplier card, the new supplier appears automatically selected on the Purchase Invoice below.
  • All new accounts will be by default configured so that customer’s VAT number and company registration number automatically appear on invoice printout if these have been defined.
  • “New” / “Add” button has been added to Product catalog, Employees, Inventory Transfers, Inventory Registrations, Inventory Write-Offs and Price Lists.
  • A new customer group can now be created directly from Customer card (customer group dropdown → “Add new…”)
  • A new tax rate group can now be created directly from Register card (tax rate dropdown → “Add new…”)
  • Popup windows now always open in desktop view (not in mobile view)
  • On invoice, the address block no longer contains the “State” and “Address line 2” fields for non-US accounts.
  • Long field labels now expand and contract as needed — to display full label text when possible, but to not overflow onto label contents.
  • Payment Reminder and Balance Statement e-mail dialogs now respect the setting whether the message should be sent from corporate e-mail address or employee’s own e-mail address.
  • Invoice bulk emailing has been enabled.
  • Improvements on Promotion, Assignment, Employee, Supplier and Price List forms.
  • To better organize the sidebar fields, subheadings have been added to customer card.
  • Some optimizations have been made in the Inventory module, to account for matrix products that have a huge number of variations.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: When adding a new customer, previous customer’s addresses appeared in the address block and had to be manually deleted.
  • Fixed: Product import wizard.
  • Fixed: Automatic code generation now works for the products that are created directly from a sales invoice.
  • Fixed: X (Close) button in popup windows should close the window, not act as “Back”.
  • Fixed: “Gender” field was displayed on a corporate customer card, but it should have been on the Person card instead.
  • Fixed: Menu item “Settings” → “Import products” pointed to the wrong location.
  • Fixed: It was not possible to send payment reminder e-mails from the “Unpaid Invoices” report.
  • Fixed: Field “totalAmount” on Actual Reports sales documents showed an incorrect value.
  • Fixed: Integration with Actual Reports e-mailing: log entry was only created for invoices, but not orders or quotes.
  • Fixed: Paging did not work in modules “Locations” and “Registers”.
  • Fixed: Warehouse filter in Users list did not work.
  • Fixed: Page header in the Settings → Configuration module, in mobile view, was broken.
  • Fixed: When browsing a list of invoices on customer card (the “Sales invoices” modal dialog), popovers with invoice details were displayed behind the dialog window.
  • Fixed: Changing invoice type from Receipt to Invoice-Waybill, or vice versa (with EU settings) works correctly now.
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