ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.17.0


  1. Searching sales documents by notes now works with “notes” field.
  2. Invoice totals and unpaid amounts on the “Payment Reminder” are now displayed with currency symbol. (All figures are always shown in default currency; the currency symbol has now been added for clarification.)
  3. Configuration setting "touchpos_allow_customers_to_redeem_regular_giftcards_with_tax"will now be applied to all new EU accounts.
  4. Zambian kwacha (ZMW) added to the list of currencies.
  5. Field “GLN Code” added to customer card.
  6. Field "customerNotes" (contents of the “Notes” field from customer card) has been added to the Actual Reports sales documents dataset.


  1. Fixed: the tab “Price lists” on product card displayed information from price lists that had already been deleted.
  2. Fixed: In Sales Report, sales tax / VAT columns containing only negative amounts were not displayed.
  3. Fixed: in a list of invoices, clicking on a document that the user did not have access permissions to, opened a different document (instead of just doing nothing).
  4. Fixed: on Document form, it was not possible to delete or reorder the files attached to the document.
  5. Fixed: in certain cases, the recipient of goods in Hansa export file was handled incorrectly.
  6. Fixed: in certain cases, warehouse price was not displayed on the first row of purchase invoice.
  7. Fixed: a main menu layout issue in Chrome 76.
  8. Fixed: a Javascript error “Uncaught ReferenceError: code is not defined at HTMLDocument.func”occurring in browser console.
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