ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.17

  • On User card, Register card and Supplier card, sub-modules are now displayed as tabs (below form fields), not as modal dialogs any more.
  • Some terms have been changed to enforce consistency with standard ERPLY back office: “Convert to Invoice”“Create Invoice”, “Convert to Order”“Create Order”.
  • Option “Return / Credit” is no longer shown for prepayment invoices.
  • For waybills, the “Status” column should not show status “unpaid”, as for waybills, payment status is irrelevant.
  • For waybills, “Create invoice” option in the “More” drop-down was missing.
  • Fixed: Re-saving an Inventory Registration or Write-Off was not possible in certain franchise setups.
  • Bug fix related to multi-account franchises.
  • Polish translations updated.
  • Fixed: Field “additional costs currency” was not visible on a Purchase Invoice; “Net + Costs” are actually in account default currency, not document currency, as label suggested.
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