ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.5.3, 5.5.4


  • In Canada, receipts can now be printed out in French. Please contact customer support to enable that feature.
  • The “Images” section on product group form has been changed from a modal dialog to a tab below the form, and renamed to “Pictures”.


  • Optimizations in how the information of applied promotions (which is stored on invoice rows) is handled when a sales document is re-saved.


  • Fixed: Various functionality (deleting, previews) did not work in tables displayed below forms.
  • Fixed: In the “Recipe” window on a bundle product, components could not be deleted.
  • Fixed: The {Import-Link} placeholder in emails was replaced with an incorrect URL, or nothing at all.
  • Fixed: the “Price list” links on customer card opened incorrect windows.

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