ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.7.2, 5.7.3

New features

  • Greek Type A fiscal integration has been added.
    • For standard printouts, a new option “Print with fiscal” has been added into the “Print / Send” dialog. This printout variation contains additional information (the “stream line”) that fiscal software needs.
    • Fiscal printing also works with Actual Reports printouts. For that, you need to design a template that contains the fiscal field. (Use the variable "streamLine" and in the “Formatting” tab, make sure that type of the field is set to “System”. If you cannot see this formatting option, submit a request to upgrade the Actual Reports version for your account.
    • When the template has been prepared, you can print the custom printout through fiscal software. Use the “Print HTML” button for that, as fiscal software might not be able to process a PDF.
  • Configuration parameter "replace_by_card_with_card_type_on_receipt" has been added. When the value of that parameter is set to 1, the phrase “By card” on receipt printout will be replaced with an actual card type (Visa, MasterCard, …) whenever that information is available.
  • On product labels printed with Actual Reports, it is now possible to display the quantities of product packaging materials. (The fields for specifying this information on product card can be enabled as an extra module.)
  • The same information (quantities of a product’s packaging materials) are also available on Actual Reports sales document, purchase document, Inventory Transfer, Inventory Registration and Inventory Write-Off printouts.
  • Some limited options for changing the starting numbers of sales documents have been added to the Settings → Configuration page.


  • Greek translations updated.
  • Polish translations updated.
  • Chinese translations updated.
  • On Q-Zone branded accounts, the menu item “POS” now opens Q-Zone branded POS.
  • On Q-Zone branded accounts, window icons are now consistent with branding.
  • On Greek accounts:
    • Field “Activity” has been added to company card.
    • The contents of that new “Activity” field, company e-mail and website are printed on receipts.
    • Column “VAT %” has been added to receipt printout, and the “Price” columns now shows a net price.
  • Field “Customer” on project form is no longer a required field.
  • On receipt printout, tax totals are now displayed with two decimal places again.
    • Tax totals are displayed with more precision (3 decimal places) only when using subdivision of the tax into GST, PST and HST on Canadian accounts.


  • Fixed: in certain cases, the “history drop-down” on forms did not work; selecting a historic version did not load the requested view.
  • Fixed: in the Quotes module, a Quote could not be opened if user did not have access rights for the Invoices module.
  • Fixed: “Save” and “Confirm” buttons on forms were displayed/hidden in an inconsistent pattern.
  • Fixed: the settings “Edit information of confirmed invoices” and “Edit confirmed purchase orders and purchase documents” for user groups were supposed to fine-tune general user group rights, not override them. Formerly, when user group had no edit rights for the “Invoices” module, but box “Edit information of confirmed invoices” was checked, user could edit invoices. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed: On invoice, when you picked the recipient of goods (“Ship to” field), the “Customer” field populated automatically, but other customer-related fields (Deadline, Penalty, Delivery Condition, Invoice Type) did not populate, although this information was specified on customer card.
  • Fixed: on forms, the “Delete” button in mobile view did not work.
  • Fixed: a few incorrect field labels. (Receiver of goods was on some forms mistakenly referred to as the “Payer”).
  • Fixed: the check box “Product does not need printed labels” on product card could not be checked.
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