ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.7.5

New features

  • Feature “Print receipt from payment” has been restored.


  • Turkish translations have been added. Turkish language can be enabled on Turkish accounts by customer support.
  • Polish translations have been updated.
  • Russian translations have been updated.
  • Greek translations have been updated.
  • On new Greek accounts:
    • Product units now have Greek translations.
    • Berlin POS is configured to accept cash only for sales totaling 500 € or less, and a Greece-specific POS plugin is applied.
  • On all Greek accounts:
    • On receipt printout, the “Price” columns now shows the price with VAT again. (The change made in version 5.7.2 has been reverted).
    • Improvements in streamline printing on Greek receipts.
  • One reseller branding has been added.


  • Fixed: Factoring notice will no longer be shown on waybills, quotes, reservations and orders.
  • Fixed: product import failed if the “Cost” column in the import file contained text “-“.
  • Fixed: If the price precision on invoice printouts had been customized (using configuration parameter "invoice_printout_price_decimals"), it did not work when printing out multiple documents.

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