ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.9.2

  1. The Customers → “Export Customers” and PIM → “Export Products” pages now have an updated design.
  2. Configuration parameter "overwrite_price_decimals" is now supported on Berlin back office. (It already existed in Classic back office.) It can be used to customize the precision of a product’s net price.
    • In US, net prices are by default with 2 decimal places and it is not recommended to change that.
    • The setting may be needed on Canadian accounts, however.
    • On European accounts, prices are by default with 4 decimal places. This configuration parameter may be used to increase or decrease it.
    • Calculation of prices, discounts, and invoice totals is affected by many other aspects, not only this parameter. Before using, please consult with customer support.
  3. Greek translations have been updated.