ERPLY Classic Back Office version 4.10.0

New features

  1. Fields “Deposit fee” and “Fee quantity” have been added to product card. These fields allow to associate a product with a deposit fee (recycle fee).

    Deposit fees, or recycle fees, are a legal requirement in many countries. Whenever certain products are sold, the merchant needs to collect a deposit.

    In Erply, define the deposit fee as a separate product. Set it VAT-free if needed. Then, look up a product that needs to be sold together with a deposit fee, click on the “Deposit fee” field on product card and select the fee.

    Field “Fee quantity” may be usually left empty. It is needed only if the item you are selling is a larger package — for example a six-pack of soda (where you need to collect 6 deposit fees per each six-pack).

    When you add a product with a deposit fee to the sale, the deposit fee is automatically added, too, as a separate line. Deposit fees are supported:

    • in Berlin POS;
    • on Invoices, Sales Orders and Quotes in back office.
  2. New tools for controlling employees’ access to customer data have been added. Considering the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is important that employees are trained to handle personal data properly. (We have also written about GDPR on Erply blog.)

    In Settings → Configuration, it is now possible to disable unauthorized employees’ access to customer information. Employees can be authorized one by one from the Employees module. Two new buttons have been added to employee form:

    1. One to indicate employee’s confirmation that they are familiar with the regulation and customers’ rights, and know how to protect personal information.
    2. Another one to indicate that a manager has allowed the employee to access customer data.

    The form also shows when employee gave their confirmation, and who and when gave them the access.

    This feature is an extra module. If it has not been activated on your account yet, please contact customer support.

  3. In Settings → Configuration, it is now possible to select whether employee name on a) sales document printouts and b) receipt printouts should be displayed as:
    1. ID only;
    2. first name only;
    3. first name, with last name initial; or
    4. full name.
  4. In Settings → Configuration → Receipt printouts, it is now possible to configure what information about a customer should be displayed on a receipt printout. (The printout can be configured separately for companies and for persons.)
    1. Customer ID
    2. Customer card code
    3. Customer name
    4. Customer address
  5. Customer’s amount of reward points can now be printed on receipts. This option has been added to Settings → Configuration → Receipt printouts.
  6. Customers can be looked up by ID, and field “Customer ID” has been added to customer card.
  7. Employees can be looked up by ID, and field “Employee ID” has been added to employee form.
  8. A customer’s web shop password can now be deleted. (Click on the “Delete” link next to the field and re-save the customer.)
  9. A user’s PIN can now be deleted. (Click on the “Delete” link next to the field and re-save the user.)


  1. Tasks titled “Invoice … sent by e-mail” (which Erply creates automatically if you send a document by email) and the “E-mail log” on sales and purchase documents will no longer contain sender’s and recipient’s full addresses. Email addresses in these records are now partially masked with asterisks: an address "" becomes "tes...@exa...", for example.
  2. To not expose personal information unnecessarily, the following reports no longer display the name of a customer if that customer is a person. (Customer ID is shown instead, and a link to customer card is provided. Names of companies are still displayed, though.)
    • Reports → Sales
    • Reports → Cost of Goods Sold
    • Reports → Invoices and Payments
  3. To not expose personal information unnecessarily, the following reports no longer show the names of any customers. (Customer ID is shown instead, and there is also a link to customer card.)
    • Reports → Coupons, gift cards → Show report
    • Reports → Coupons, gift cards → Active Gift cards
    • Reports → Sales promotions
    • Reports → Tasks
  4. When configuring a register to use Verifone Finland or Nixpay (with Atos Worldline terminal) payments, an error message will be displayed if extra module “Transaction Time of a Payment” has not been installed on your account. This module is required for Verifone Finland and Nixpay payments. When needed, please contact customer support to activate this module.


  1. When using a standalone customer registry, a timeout or no response from the registry no longer causes a “System Update” page to be displayed. Timeout has been increased from 5 to 10 seconds.
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