Erply Integration with Tyro Now Available

Erply to Integrate POS Services with Tyro

We’re extremely pleased to reveal that we’ve struck a deal to integrate Erply’s services with those of the finance company, Tyro. Founded in 2003, Sydney-based Tyro Payments is a financial institution that specialises in merchant credit, debit, and EFTPOS acquisition.

A particular highlight of this new collaboration is that it will allow Erply customers to use Tyro as their card terminals’ and payment gateways. This is especially exciting because currently this can only be done via PC-EFTPOS or Payment Express credit/debit card terminals — which are limited to Windows devices only. This new deal will allow transactions to be handled on many devices, including PC and Mac, as well as portable smart devices, such as iPads. Another fantastic feature of this partnership is that throughout all transactions Tyro will act as a bank itself – all other card payment providers work with third-party banking institutions. This brings an enormous amount of flexibility to our customer base.

We’re delighted to announce that the first Erply customer to use this new combined solution is the Australian fashion brand, KOOKAÏ, which will be utilising our shared services across their 45 retail stores.

We’re delighted to be able to provide such a flexible and powerful solution to our customers. Additionally, Erply’s partnership with Tyro affords our company a greater level of exposure throughout Australasia and opens the door to other Tyro customers. We now hope to build on these successes and exponentially grow our customer base right across the region.

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