4 Important Trends In The Retail World +Catch It In 2018

A year full of experiences and success is over. Now it is time to get ready for a new marathon! What do you think you can cover better in 2018? There are many predictions about customer expectations and new trends. But on the other hand, there is still time to catch up with the long-term customer expectations. We always hear that online shopping affected the customer expectations highly and retailers have to improve their service according to the rapidly changing consumer habits. Here are few steps for you to follow up with the important trends in the customer and IT world!

What Customers Want In 2018 “As Always”?

Think about how technology can change consumer habits. The improving world of online shopping is also increasing the expectations. Consumers want fast and convenient transactions and you have to be reachable with one click. People who still prefer also to shop offline are catching up with this expectations too.  

One of the main reasons people prefer to shop from e-commerce giants such as Amazon is that they can always trust to a third party in case of a problem in the delivery, order or return processes. Providing an easy return policy and working to save time for your customers are few of the key elements to full fill your customers’ expectations.

Variety of payment methods is also another tool for customers to save time and catch up with different promotions. Try to offer more alternatives and your customers will have another reason to prefer you! For example payment methods such as Apple Pay can help you to fasten the process at the cash register or zipPay can encourage your customers to make a much larger transaction.

Omnichannel Is Still Getting Popular

We already mentioned the importance of being present in the online world. Selling online will help you to reach a wider range of consumers and improve your brand awareness and image. Another fact for 2018 will be Amazon’s presence in the Australian market. E-commerce usage is expected to rise in Australia with the Amazon’s entrance and this can change the local customers’ habits. Check our article about how to prepare your business for Amazon’s presence in Australia.

One of the key elements here is omnichannel. Is your business ready to move on to multi-channel approach? Providing an integrated customer experience is not easy to do and your retail software needs to be ready for the future.

Erply also allows you to sell both online and offline and makes the product management and inventory replenishment easier by completing this operation in one place. You can receive orders from many different channels and keep your inventory in sync across all channels.

Relaying On the Internet More Than A Salesperson

Hubspot’s State of Inbound 2017 report revealed many data about consumer habits in 2017. 54% of the survey attendants said that they get their first impression and a general idea about a product by word of mouth. Consumers always share their experiences and this gets more common especially with the high usage of social media. If you already didn’t start working on your brand’s online reputation and offline customer experience, it is now the time to take action towards the old but ongoing customer trends.


Catch The Cloud In 2018

Besides customer trends, another important topic is the IT expectations in the retail world for 2018. Customer expectations drive the developments in the retail industry up and this is how legacy systems will be soon left behind. The cloud systems are taking over with their simple to use, convenient features and safer structure.

As a retailer, your needs can change all the time and having a flexible retail software means that the long-term solution. For example, the sudden changes in the local economy such as Amazon’s entrance to the Australian market. When you need to adopt e-commerce systems or open a new location, you retail software should not hold you behind. Check ERPLY’s features to find the right solution for your needs!


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