Sales Tip: Give Your Customers Points Instead of Discounts

French General Napoleon generously awarded medals to his soldiers, professing, “Let us give men toys, it costs us nothing.” No doubt Napoleon was good at psychology and noticed that praise and decorations boost his soldiers’ pride.

However, Napoleon didn’t dish out medals every year and for everyone – they wouldn’t have been worth a penny, had he done that.

That’s a mistake often made by merchants who offer discounts on everything, regardless of a customer’s purchasing history and sums spent.

What Makes Points Better Than Discounts?

Points that can be claimed at your store bring the customer back to you. The system could be as simple as 1 dollar = 1 point. This means that a customer that buys more collects more points and gets an added bonus (or discount). Points are often collected based on a simple formula: 1 dollar = 0.01 points.

Erply enables using bonus points via campaigns – the merchant determines how many points the customer has to give up in exchange for a certain discount. You can also use Erply’s checkout to specify how much each customer earns per dollar spent and how long the loyalty points are valid for.

Erply’s checkout has a plugin that lets you double a customer’s loyalty points. That way you can give double the points for each unit spent on loyal customers. Contact our customer support to get the plugin.

Keep in mind that giving out bonus points is a good way to get someone who hasn’t yet joined your loyalty program to give you their phone number and email – it’d be nearly impossible to get their contact details without offering anything in return. Now you’ve made a great deal by nabbing another customer who will want to come back to your store.

If you want to provide your customers with the best possible service (and who wouldn’t!), Erply’s checkout is your best choice. We can help you create different bonus systems, discounts and store the customers’ purchase history. The options are unlimited – if we don’t already have the solution you need, we’ll just create it.

Contact us for the POS software that lets you make more sales than ever before. Email us or call +1-917-210-1251.

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