Shopify Connector Update (January 2021)

  1. Multi-Integration Support: One Erply account can have multiple Shopify integrations – meaning that you can set up different Shopify stores, associate them with different assortments and therefore can sell different products in different stores from one Erply account. Product updates only work with assortments in the new PIM module.
  2. Returns: All returns made in Shopify will now be reflected to Erply (including partial returns). All payments and invoices will be associated with the original sales document and with the payer information.
  3. Language Selection: It will be possible to select which language from Erply the integration will use. (This is an advanced setting and requires our support team to change it from the advanced settings)
  4. Stock reserve value: If value is different from zero – stock amount synchronised to Shopify will be decreased by it to reduce possibility of oversell. If stock value is less than decrease value – Shopify amount will be set to 0. (This an advanced setting and can be applied by the support team.)
  5. Import products in “Draft” status: It is possible to choose if new products that are created to Shopify are published or in Draft. Being in draft enables the customers to manage some aspects of their product data in Shopify and once done they can publish them.
  6. Barcode export: Users can select from the connector settings, which code from Erply they would like to import to Shopify as barcode.
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