Berlin POS version 3.25.3 release notes

Base version: 3.24.0

New Features

  • Offline login support – Possibility to login to POS and reload it without internet connection (requires configuration setup). Read more about offline

  • Load and store plugins for offline use. POS now supports custom plugins in offline mode as well.
  • Implemented rounding versions in offline mode – document rows tax calculation.
  • Changing language is always available from settings and it’s not linked with user rights anymore.
  • Sale to default customer is allowed in offline mode, even when this is disabled by configuration (as in offline mode default customer is only customer for who sales can be made).
  • Synchronisation of price list prices to offline database daily. This allows to keep prices up-to-date for offline use.
  • Possibility to open and close day with multi-currency.

  • Storing current batch number to EPSI with each payment and close batch button to close day dialog box is added (for Cardlink integration in Greek market).
  • Chase payment provider and integration added (for Canadian market).
  • EPSI public token validation is implemented. Store managers can describe which devices may use POS and which not.

  • New Customer Display Application over EPSI
  • Possibility to change language is always available from settings.
  • Hide customer code on local receipt if configuration “show_customercard_code_on_receipt” is not set
  • Added Vietnamese and Indonesian languages support
  • Two options for tax exempt in POS – partial and full tax exempt (Canadian market)


  • Reseting local database is disabled in offline mode.
  • Associate register and on-screen keyboard are available to all users.
  • Init EPSI when user logs to POS in offline mode.
  • External card payment execution is disabled until EPSI sends payment response.
  • When price list module and manual discount usage module is set correct document total discount is displayed.
  • Detecting weight products by regional units.


  • Fixed: Incorrect behaviour with split transactions (in Cayan integration).
  • Fixed: When paying with secondary currency, the change amount was not rounded.
  • Fixed: Issues with tax calculation in offline mode.
  • Fixed: Printing in offline got error because of insufficient data regarding warehouse.
  • Payment timeout is changed to 7 minutes (for Cayan integration)
  • Fixed:  Warehouse and register data was not correctly transferred in customer display payload
  • Fixed: PayPal redirect URL (correct clientID)
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