Looking to Switch from Microsoft RMS to the Other POS? Opt for the Erply POS and Inventory Management Software

Microsoft is ending the extended support of its POS software, Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) in July 2021. If you are using Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) then you need to find a perfect replacement to your Microsoft retail essentials. Erply’s POS is the best option.

Erply POS is not your ordinary Point of Sale – it offers significantly more possibilities than a regular POS, and includes some surprise features. In short, you get more value for your money from us.

Every retailer has their own wishes, demands and expectations when it comes to business software. Rest assured, Erply has something for everyone.

What makes Erply POS so special?

  1. Ease of use
  2. Omnichannel solution with webshop
  3. Hardware Agnostic
  4. EcoFriendly with digital receipts
  5. Erply Apps for custom business needs
  6. Offline capability

For cashiers and retail workers, it’s essential that every transaction handled is fast, accurate and effortless. These days, the ease of transactions is just as important in online stores as it is in brick-and-mortar. With Erply’s omnichannel solution, your online store order will flow seamlessly to the POS.

Since Erply POS can interact with various payment devices and hardware, it has even more functions  For example, fulfilling sales orders, managing advance payments, et al from the POS. Erply POS also has the option of not printing these receipt and instead sending them directly to the customer’s e-mail address, thus reducing your ecological footprint.

You can select the processes, documentation, and functions amongst Erply apps – based on the specifics of your business – that are not included in the standard solution but are essential for your company. You can download and install all these apps yourself from our catalogue, exactly how and when you need them.

Since the modules can be integrated easily, you can continue your daily routine uninterrupted; everything will be fast, logical, and – most importantly – also available offline.

Creating loyal customers

A successful retail business is customer oriented. Considering this, Erply POS is the best choice. With our help you can create reward systems, create countless discounts and promotions, and store customers’ purchase history. There are endless ways to setting up the special offers.

Due to our tens of thousands of American customers, we have developed the know-how to increase sales, decide which products to sell in a bundle, and choose products to  discount and recommend thanks to our inventory and customer tracking technology. Our POS knows client psychology.

Erply POS also drops hints and useful information related to the current customer – Erply will remind you if the customer has outstanding coupons, if their current cart is  entitled to a discount, when they last purchased from your store, and even what their favourite item is. Our POS helps you utilize the loyalty points by customers to receive points per dollar spent. You can even freely dip into the overdraft – POS also keeps tabs on prepayments digitally, so you don’t have to worry about losing track.

Keep an eagle-eye on your inventory

Erply business software’s huge advantage is years of experience, which results in the best know-how in inventory management. You can check inventory levels without running to the back by using the POS; all your stores and warehouses interact by sending up to the second information into the POS system. Erply eliminates the headaches of maintaining inventory counts and stocktaking; you will always have a constant overview of what needs to be purchased or reordered.

What you need to work with Erply

Once you have created your store, you’ll need the standard solution for starters to build your software into. The minimum requirement for this is a computer and a printer for receipts. Erply software is compatible with Mac, Linux and PC.

Any retailer can start using our software on their own, plus there is always our customer support if you get stuck and need help. Setting up the account only takes a moment, and the instruction materials make it so easy that you can manage all by yourself.

Erply standard solution includes:

  • Inventory managements
  • Point of Sale
  • Purchase invoices
  • Reporting
  • Purchase and sales orders
  • Customer relation management (CRM)
  • Importing products, customers and vendors
  • Reports generator
  • Accounting module
  • E-shop connector
  • Version updates at least 4 times a year – free of charge for our customers

10 reasons for choosing Erply software

Inconvenient and expensive version updates will be history. Since Erply is cloud-based, we update the software seamlessly 4 times a year. These updates are free of charge for our customers.

Great integrability. Unlike some second-rate softwares, Erply has integrability with many other softwares. If your new and important business partner uses specific software, it is highly likely that it can be easily integrated with Erply.

Offline option. Most cloud-based software requires an internet connection at all times to run. With Erply you can keep the store running even if the internet connection has crashed.

Magical software with incredible options for cashiers. Erply offers multiple options for cashiers that are not regular POS tasks. You can manage purchase orders and prepayments in Erply POS, and see the customer’s purchase history. With Erply POS you can fulfill the online shop orders and ship them out.

Lots of free add-ons. More value for your money! You can choose additional functions from our catalogue, which will become immediately operational in POS when installed into Erply. It is also possible to create your own plugins.

Handy loyalty program managing. The built-in CRM solution allows you to create custom profiles for each customer that can be used for personalised discounts and informing them about promotional offers. There are many options for setting up and combining special offers. You can come up with exciting ways of collecting and using reward points.

Erply is intuitive. Your company’s IT guy can handle any software, but our goal is to make it convenient for everyone else as well.

Overdraft facility. Forget about a journal or a notebook because all the prepayments and debts can be registered using POS, so you will always see the customer’s current account balance.

Erply is internally well-integrated. You will save thousands of workhours due to the fact that the inventory, sales and accounting modules interact easily and smoothly.

Pop-up stores and convenient for trade fairs. You only need a mobile phone or tablet to use Erply POS, making your store accessible and mobile – you can go to trade fairs or set up a pop-up store.

Erply has helped retailers sell more since 2009 and has offices in New York, Toronto, Sydney, London and Tallinn. The company’s primary markets are the US, Australia and Europe; its largest customers include Porsche, The Athlete’s Foot, and Madvapes. And last but not least, over 400,000 businesses across the globe use Erply run smooth retail operations.

Read more about why choose Erply over the Microsoft Retail POS, and take a chance to boost your business – contact us for an offer or call us at +1-917-210-1251.

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