6 Tips to Improve #YourOnlinePresence

It can be daunting to try and reach out to such a large potential audience as an up and coming business online. Luckily, a few daily ERPLY users have figured out the best way to take advantage of it! With these tips and examples from our customers, social media can move from scary to simple.


1. Be easy to find, and try to be uniform. The best option for identification is @businessname across all platforms. If your business name is already taken, try and use a single word that relates to your company. If all else fails, add your country of origin. Avoid numbers at all cost!

2. Feel personal. No one wants to follow an advertisement, so you don’t want your account to feel like an ad. Post interesting photographs, retweet customer accounts, and share updates that are relevant to both your audience and your business.





3. Keep it brief. No one likes when long paragraphs clog up their feed. Have a short blurb and an image to convey your message. Have a referral link to “read more about it here” if needed. This can also drive traffic to your website!




4. Interact with your customers. A good customer/company relationship is important, and one of the best ways to show you care is by responding via Twitter or Facebook comments. Let your customers know there’s a person behind the keyboard! Any time you reply to a customer, try to sign it with your first initial. This is extra beneficial if multiple employees are handling social media.




5. Have a backup plan. Social Media isn’t always a place for praise, there will also be angry customers with questions and concerns. Show that you are actively responding to their concerns, but also refer them to a phone number or email.




6. Focus on your business. Post new items, sales, or other info on social media first. Everyone loves free stuff, share coupons that are “Social Media Specific.” This gives your audience an incentive to keep following your pages. Facebook and Twitter now offer the option to “Pin” important posts to the top, so they will be the first thing customers see on your profile.

Social media is just another way of interacting with customers. Any time you’re hesitant to post something, ask yourself these two questions:

“Would I hang this sign in my storefront window?”
“Is this how I would talk to a real person?”

If the answer is yes, then you’re good to go. With these tips, you can expand your audience and make better use of all the social media outlets you have!


You can find @erply on Twitter, and Facebook by searching keyword “ERPLY.”

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