Software for large and growing retail enterprises

Erply provides a software infrastructure for retail enterprises of any size. Whether you have one, dozens, or hundreds of points of sale, Erply can accommodate your needs. All your data and access points will be seamlessly integrated via cloud-based software services.

Enterprise-grade SaaS

Large retail businesses choose Erply because we provide more than just retail software. You get a Software-as-a-Service solution operated by a dedicated team of experts who excel in building and supporting software and hardware systems on a large scale. When we built our retail software, we started from the back end, where the critical functions of your business take place. That’s why it runs better than other retail software systems. Many cloud-based retail software vendors just sell you a virtual share of their software on a cheap hosting platform without a guaranteed service level and data protection. In many cases, they have no control over where your data is physically located or what infrastructure it is being handled on. Erply provides outstanding SaaS quality according to the best practices we’ve built through continuous software development and operations.

Flexible integrations

Erply is the ideal software to form the backbone of your retail enterprise, and with our server-side API you can build seamless integrations with your ERP software and popular web platforms like Magento, Joomla, Prestashop or Shopify. Erply's powerful API (PHP, cURL, C#, Ruby), enables our clients to design and run advanced retail software solutions like automated warehouses and delivery services, automatic stock replenishment systems, and management of large-scale production. Erply lets you build omnichannel retail systems at any level of complexity. Integrate in-store, web, mobile and wearable retail experiences with advanced inventory management software. Additionally, you get an exceptionally dynamic and optimal supply chain. With our cloud technology, you’ll have a real-time overview of your entire operation. .

Customization and branding options

The user interface and front end applications can be customized to meet your needs and corporate identity. In fact, for large corporate clients, applying your own branding and adding specific features is essential. We'll be happy to work out a tailored deal for your company.

Exceptional service levels

Erply helps you deliver a seamless retail experience to your customers with top-level system availability. Your company's retail software has its own physical server space. Each piece of hardware, including hard drives and server equipment, is renewed after fixed intervals. All your data is backed up in two locations, in real time. Physical equipment can be replaced in less than 2 hours; until then your retail software system will continue running from a mirrored backup location.

World-class data security

Your data is safe with Erply. Nearly 50% of our budget is spent on diverse safety measures. These include 24/7 human controlled data systems, high security physical locations for data centers, control over physical equipment, encrypted data transfers, detailed auditing, quick-action checklists, and strict backup procedures. The data centers we use are always in the same region where our clients operate. There are no cross-continent data transfers, unless a client has international scope and specifically needs them. All data transfers are encrypted. Large retail enterprises can sign trilateral agreements that include server infrastructure providers. This provides them with more control over data handling across geographical locations. Insurance policies for data protection are available to our large corporate clients.

Burden-free implementation

Because our software is cloud-based, you need no additional equipment to implement it, unless you’re deliberately expanding. For larger retail businesses, we recommend the allocation of people within your organization to work as a point of contact during the rollout. Erply provides a standard onboarding package for customers as well as additional training on an ad-hoc basis. We provide invaluable professional knowledge from day one. Our experienced professionals know how to tackle the challenges of change management on a large scale. Erply is built to support a wide range of hardware, including brands like IBM/Toshiba, Star, Epson, and MagTek. Our software is UPOS (UnifiedPOS, javaPOS implementation) compatible. We support secure card readers, card personalization and issuance, PIN issuance and management, document scanners, mobile devices, tablets, printers, cash drawers and customer displays. We’re constantly adding new brands and models, and we can quickly address the unique hardware needs of your business.

Software scalability

Erply's retail platform accommodates companies that have fewer than 10 retail stores, as well as business enterprises with more than 500 stores and warehouses. Many other systems demand a complete rebuild when a large number of new retail outlets comes on board. With Erply, your retail data will have dedicated server space and data flow. While other vendors may cross-exploit databases, Erply stores your data separately. Thus it is very easy to expand physical storage space, or even build a personal server center for a large enterprise. Millions of retail transactions have been successfully processed through Erply's servers. We successfully support clients with inventories larger than 5 million items.

A team dedicated to your success

Erply employees form teams that are highly competent both on the development and operational level. The operational level includes maintenance personnel provided by local data centers. These people are committed to serving Erply's servers firsthand. If needed, we can allocate entire teams to a large corporate client. Our operations team is staffed 24/7 to tackle any problem as quickly as possible. Both our development and maintenance personnel go through regular training sessions to maintain competency with the latest technologies, top security, speed, coherence, and reliability. Our agents will not only handle data imports, account configuration, and hardware setup, we’ll also train you and every level of your staff so that they feel confident when using every part of Erply.