iOS 13.1.2 update will cause the payment and printing integrations on iPad not to work. We are working on an update but in the meantime please do not update to iOS 13.1.2 on your devices that are running Erply POS.


OS Catalina update will cause EPSI not to work properly. We are currently working on an update but in the meantime, please do not update to OS Catalina on your devices running Erply POS

Updated Reports and Purchase Planning Tools

ERPLY has just updated a functionality that helps purchase managers and vendor partnership managers make it easier than ever.

The overview of products that need to be purchased and the planning of further campaigns can be found in ‘New Added Reports’.

You can find updates from product cards and the main module ‘Reports’-specifically in ‘Inventory’, which you can filter to find and where you can restock your levels.

Start planning your purchases today! Keep it simple and minimize over ordering risks.