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UPDATE-With ERPLY you can be ready for the EMV liability shift.

We’ve been fielding a lot of calls and questions about the upcoming EMV or ‘Chip and Pin’ updates needed in 2015 and how ERPLY will be helping our customers through this change.  We’re happy to know so many of our customers are savvy and checking in on industry updates! You should know a few things:  we’re ready for this; we have experience in EMV devices and processing;  we’ve been processing within EMV standards and devices for years in Europe, and Australia where it has been the standard for a while.  Now we have a plan for our US customers too.

For those just catching up with this development, EMV is  Europay-Mastercard-Visa,  an international standard for integrated circuit cards, or chip and pin, processing.  The standard determines and outlines how best to process cards to protect transactions from fraudulent charges that hurt the whole system.  This change is encouraged by ERPLY, anything that decreases fraud and its financial repercussions is likely to pay for itself in a short time frame.

Moving to an EMV system will entail changing your swiping hardware to comply with the new standards. Not changing your hardware, however, is an option, so don’t fret too much if you’re not ready.  Non-EMV hardware will continue to work to process cards.  The difference is that in October 2015 the liability for fraudulent charges will drop to the store owners (or, the least EMV compliant link in the chain in the case that the business has EMV, but the bank has not issued a chipped card to the customer), instead of the card processors, if not run on a chip and pin system, so ERPLY is encouraging our customers to make this switch. Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 2.21.25 PM

Our developments are underway as we speak.  These guidelines are new to the whole American industry so we are working with our processing partners to finalize implementation for the chip and pin system to allow ERPLY to finish our integration to new hardware. EMV hardware implementation will be done in 2 steps, with the beta availability released in the middle of the summer, 2015, on our first round of hardware.  By October the process will be finalized and ERPLY will release the second round of compatible devices. Our first devices will be Verifone devices in the 805 and 820 series, which carry 100% end to end encryption, and our second round of devices will be Ingenico devices, likely from the ISC family.

We hope that helps you with your planning.

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