Don’t Skip This Season Without A Campaign!

Today’s consumers expect to receive special deals and offers all year. Seasonal events are the best opportunities to motivate consumers into choosing your brand. Any seasonal sale you choose to host can be a potential profit-booster, and it must be properly publicised. But, with everyone targeting promotions at the same time, how can you make sure your campaigns get the attention they deserve?

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Think of your marketing campaign as a painting. There must be some certain elements to complete the picture and other elements to let it shine and stand out. Of course, there is no one sure-fire formula, but there are steps that you can take to maximise your campaign’s success.

To create your campaign, first, you need a target audience. In our previous articles, we talked about some tips to help you to create your very first targeting. After this step, you should also decide what channels to use.

Very often, retailers make the mistake of choosing channels according to the “popularity”. The question you need to ask is “which channels do my customers use?”. You can also think about the strengths and weaknesses of the channels. This can influence your decision in a major way. Especially if your brand’s presence on social media platforms is new, it would be better to concentrate on the more effective channels than trying to be everywhere all the time.

Brand Image and Your Message

Most of the today’s consumers from around the world can recognise a Coca- Cola campaign by its colours and text font, without the logo of the company itself.

Your brand image appears more with your campaigns and that is why your seasonal promotions can be very important for your future success. Colours, designs, shapes or even the font you use in your texts (and of course in your logo) creates your brand image. Reflecting these elements into your campaign is essential for consumers to link the campaign with your brand.

While working on your campaign content and the message, you should be clear, customer oriented and consistent! Your content should be able to adapt to every channel and offer the same information. On the other hand, make sure that your message is direct and it has call to the action clearly. But why consumers should take this action for you? This is the question you need to answer in order to create a customer oriented campaign content.

At the end, where do you want your customers to come? To your website, social media channels or your offline store? If you won’t try to direct your customers to any direction, how can you create a sustainable reach?

What About After The Campaign?

It might not seem like that, but the post analysis of a campaign can be the most important element. If you won’t analyse your results, you can’t see your campaigns strong and weak sides. Doing so will give you a chance to improve your marketing techniques. Not everyone is a marketing specialist! But there are definitely things that you can practice and become better at it. You can achieve this by gaining an experience in creating your marketing campaigns and of course by seeing the results of your campaigns clearly.

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