Engagement: The Key to a Successful Business


Last week we talked about “what to do before improving the customer relationships”. It is important to build a solid base first by defining your brand and your customers. Now it is time to take things further. Maintaining a strong relationship with your customers is important for your brand’s visibility and marketing. Here are some tips to help you improve your engagement.

Use Social Media in a Right Way!

To improve your engagement, you should also improve your visibility. This doesn’t only mean to have a Facebook page or Twitter account, but also it means that you have to keep them active. When your accounts are active and updated regularly, you can gain more followers. When you get more followers, it is easy for consumers to find you on their search in these platforms.

You should also be aware of the purposes of the platforms. Every product and service are different and that is why the platforms you should use can change too. While Twitter and Facebook are musts for every type of brand, you should think twice before creating an account on Instagram, Pinterest etc. These kinds of platforms focus on the “beauty” in the image. That is why you should be able to create artistic visuals about your brand on these platforms. Every product’s nature is different and your brand might not be suitable for this purpose. Clothing, jewellery, cosmetics, home decoration type of brands are the perfect for creating artistic pictures.

Later on our blog, we will take a deeper look at the useful usage of the social media channels.

Instant Communication

Another biggest benefit of using social media is that you can provide an instant communication to your consumers. People like to reach us via these platforms because it is the quickest in today’s terms. You should constantly keep an eye on your inbox. On the other hand, you can create auto replies on Facebook. This gives the image of “caring more” about your customers and also helps you to gain time when you are not able to answer to your followers.

Don’t forget that offline communication is still part of our lives. Some people might find hard to adapt to the digital age and would still like to reach you by face to face or via phone calls. In these cases, try to provide instant solutions. “We will call you back” is a sentence that we are all afraid of. We all experienced this; usually, companies won’t call you back. If you can solve your customer’s’ demands quickly with offline methods too, you will have a better image for your brand.

Motivate Your Loyal Customers

As daily random customers, every brand also has loyal customers that only chose that brand for a reason. First, you should think and find out what is this reason. If you are aware of what you are doing good, you can even improve it more! Keeping repeat customers happy is one of the most important things to do. This will help you to increase your competition with your rivals and also gain loyal customers. You should make them feel special as they believe your brand is “special” for them. Don’t hesitate to especially reward them. You can create special offers only for your constant customers, follow up purchase cards that will help them to monitor their shopping and reach a different kind of rewards. If you have an available database and amount of time as a source, you can start tracking down your customers’ purchasings. By doing this, you will be able to offer “thank you” cards or special gifts.     

Tell your Story!

Storytelling is one of the best tools to improve your engagement. Today’s consumers care more than ever about your background and stories. How you decided to start your business, where is your brand coming from, what is your vision? The purpose of the storytelling is to show a bit of “personal touch”. So don’t hesitate to express your emotions as you are your brand’s ambassador. In this way, you can help your customers to emphasise your brand.

In this article, we focused on the three important points in the engagement plans. Keep following our blog for exclusive articles about different tools to improve your business!

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