ERPLY Gives You a New Level of Control Over Your Business

In today’s day and age, if you want to take your business retail operations to the next level, it’s absolutely imperative to take advantage of the most advanced technologies out there. Any retailers serious about growing their business and improving their daily operations efficiency all know how important it is to have a great POS System in place. POS Systems are rapidly becoming the technology of choice for many retailers and for good reason.

Retailers now understand that in this fast-paced technological world, it is essential to have something that provides an all ­in one solution that caters to a multitude of everyday issues that will inevitably arise when operating a business. We all know the POS system essentially makes you independent and you can deal with all of the activities single­-handedly without having to depend on your staff. It eliminates the difficulty that most retailers would experience when carrying out all of the daily responsibilities.

Below is just a short list of the many benefits when having a Point Sales System in place to help execute your business operations:

  • ­ Maintain Control: Have complete control over your daily business operations from anywhere!
  • ­ Substantially Improve Efficiency: Reduce the effort to do inventory and other forms of what you would consider repetitive work. Purely focus on customer satisfaction, lower costs and higher sales!
  • ­ Accurate & Timely Reports: Effectively analysis your sales data and really measure the effectiveness of your pricing! Reporting on all of your daily gross revenue will significantly help to forecast your business’s future
  • ­ Improve Customer Satisfaction: POS System helps with collecting customer data and recognizing who your best customers are, later rewarding them and  cultivating those relationships
  • ­ Many Expansion Options: ERPLY POS system gives you the ability to add registers, locations, and make sure you can effectively connect multiple stores.

Erply’s point of sale system is engineered to make every retail business more scalable and easier to manage the day to day business operations. We at Erply have been providing commercial retailers a whole new level of control over their business, by utilizing our powerful comprehensive suite of reporting and our real-­time inventory management system that is second to none.

sales options

The industry is rapidly changing now, it’s no longer just about the front ­end of the POS system and limiting your business to just handling the sales transactions.

Now is a perfect time for all retail businesses to capitalize on the Retail revolution and centralize your day to day operations in one real-time system. Erply retail software is web-­based and cloud-based which makes it accessible from anywhere. With modules for every aspect of your retail operation needs, we diminish your ongoing software costs too.

How much control over your business operations you really are getting with ERPLY’s retail software? Well, the management features listed below answer that question for you in a nutshell so you can get an idea of how much power we place in the hands of the business owner as well as the employees.

Management Features :stock-replenishment-report

  • centralized employee metric tracking
  • custom report generator
  • custom printout generator
  • sales orders
  • supplier purchasing management
  • configurable user rights
  • store grouping
  • employee task management andcommission-report
  • many other cool intuitive features at your fingertips.

It should be undoubtedly clear by now, how absolutely vital it is for your business to have the right retail operating system in place if you plan to cut costs, save money, and save your valuable time from being overworked. There’s a reason why many big commercial retailers are utilizing ERPLY’s retail software to manage and improve their businesses. ERPLY has taken commercial retail businesses to new heights by significantly improving the way businesses run.

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