Erply at the NRF: How We Opened Our Candy Shop

Three days of NRF expo went really well for Erply – lots of people were interested in our booth because it’s so bright and beautiful and inviting! People took pictures and many of them were interested in our self-service POS and mPOS as well. We even got one retailer who owns an actual candy shop interested!

Erply opened a free candy shop at its stand at the NRF to introduce the self-service POS and mPOS and allow everybody to try out the purchasing process for themselves. Our cloud-based smart POS (along with all of Erply’s software) is incredibly safe and reliable – even if the connection to the Internet is lost, the POS will continue working offline without disrupting the sale process.

The three-day expo spans from 13 to 15 January and, in addition to everything going on on the expo floor, will also include talks, workshops and meetings. Find us at NRF in booth 350 (immediately next to Stage 1) from 13 to 15 January!

Erply will also be holding several workshops at our brand new NY office to answer any questions and let people get up close and personal with all of Erply’s solutions. If you’d like to get to know the POS a bit better, you can register for one of the free workshops at our brand new office, at 302 West 37th Street, Floor 6.

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