Feature Friday: Multi Currency Sales!

This Friday, our “featured feature” is brand new! We’re proud to announce that ERPLY will support sales of different or multiple currencies at the Point of Sale. This has been one of our top requested features from customers that have their businesses near country borders and in tourist towns. Within the next month, multiple currency tender types will be rolled out to all those on our BerlinPOS.


Set Up

First, contact an ERPLY Support Agent to enable the multiple currency configurations if this has not been done already.

Add multiple currencies to ERPLY by navigating to Settings -> Configuration in your Back Office. In the grey bar on the left-hand side, choose “Currencies.” This will open up the currency options that you currently have. By default, your first currency will be checked as the main currency. The exchange rates of any additional currencies will be based on the main currency, as seen in the screenshot below.

Sales Process

Once your currencies are added and the configuration has been enabled by an ERPLY Support Agent, you are ready to start taking sales with different currencies. A new button will appear on the payment window of the Point of Sale. This button will change the payment type from your main currency to the secondary currencies you have enabled. In the case of the screenshot below, we have used USD and EUR as an example.



ERPLY is able to process full transactions, split transactions between currencies, and split transactions between cards and currencies without issue.

Using the exchange rate put in for the currency during set up, ERPLY will calculate the difference and how much is stilled owed on the sale depending on the currency. 

This feature will be available in the coming month, so be sure to keep an eye on our release notes!

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