Introducing Weekly Live Webinars!

Here at ERPLY, we are always trying new things to improve our customers’ experience and help familiarize users with our full suite of inventory management tools. To this end, we’d like to invite you to join us as we launch a weekly webinar series covering ERPLY account setup and basic functionality.

If you are a free user who just needs some help getting started, or you are looking for a new POS solution and need help configuring ERPLY for evaluation, these webinars are for you. If you’re an ERPLY pro growing into using more features, or if you have new staff to get up to speed, then these webinars are for you too.

Our goals with this webinar series are to help you get your account set up, and help users understand the most common workflows in ERPLY. We will show you how to get a handle on your inventory, and start selling from the POS. The series will include 3 half hours to 45-minute webinars with an ERPLY staffer each week in February. In these sessions, we will go over basic setup, operation processes, and some advanced topics for the day. We’ll also be taking selected questions from the group! Submit questions live as the webinar progresses, and the support agent will answer as many as they can. Any questions we can’t get to will be replied to via email after the webinar.

Our first webinar in the series will take place on Tuesday, February 4th, at 2 pm ET, and we will be discussing basic account setup: user groups, users, tax rates, locations, and registers. To request an invitation, please email us at and let us know whether you have an account with us and what your account number is. Don’t have an account yet? Don’t worry, you can always sign up for a free plan by clicking the ‘sign up’ button in the upper right corner of Please also include any questions you’re looking to have addressed. On Monday we will send you an invitation email with the link and login credentials to the meeting.

We look forward to getting to know you better and showing you ERPLY.

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