Retail Optimizer for ERPLY

Carry inventory that customers want to buy.
At the right time, right price and right location.

Retailers shouldn’t be trapped into finding opportunities to sell goods they have. Instead they must carry inventory that people want to buy.

Easy to learn about underbought or overbought products

Retail Optimizer provides an easy way to do weekly adjustments to sales forecasts while automatically updating the impact on inventory and cash. This will provide early insights about when the stock will become overbought or underbought, allowing to take actions sooner.

How it works

Retail optimizer uses the information from sales forecasts and inventory plans to calculate Open to buy. This will be the indicator to purchase more inventory or plan additional promotions.

1. Demand forecasting

Retail Optimizer is an agile sales forecasting system, including the planning of sales, markdowns and margins across sales channels and product categories.

2. Inventory planning

Inventory plans include current inventory balance and estimated future intakes. This will allow to project the future inventory balances considering the impact from demand forecasts.

3. Open to buy

Proven Open-to-buy methodology provides actionable insight of underboughts and overboughts. Open-to-buy is calculated based on existing inventory, sales, markdowns and intakes.

4. Start corrective actions sooner

  • what products need additional promotions or markdowns to reach targeted inventory levels,
  • which products need re-stocking or adjustments to sales forecasts

Weekly routines to reduce overboughts and underbought categories help to maximize GMROI and profits, end the seasons with targeted terminal inventory, ultimately making the business more valuable.

Part of ERPLY

Retail Optimizer is integrated with ERPLY, allowing faster roll-outs.

Professional Services

ERPLY helps to implement Retail Optimizer, providing onboarding, consulting and training services.

Main features

  • Open-to-buy and WSSI planning (weekly sales stock and intake)
  • Markdown planning
  • Pre-season and in-season planning
  • Channel / merchandise planning
  • Sales forecasting and multiple scenarios
  • Seeding of plans from prior years and other categories
  • Financial planning

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