Feature Friday: Shopify Integration & Online Retail

Did you know that every ERPLY account has the ability to sell online built directly into the Back Office. According the the US Census Bureau, online retail sales have tripled from 2006-2016. We’ve partnered with Shopify and built an easy to use web shop tool that integrates your ERPLY inventory and product data with a Shopify web store. Used by Google, Tesla, Wikipedia, and thousands of other businesses, Shopify’s e-commerce solution is a simple and effective way to get your business online.

Shopify Setup

Your business could start taking online sales in as little as six quick steps!

  1. Make sure the connector meets your requirements. Read this document and consult our customer support.
  2. Create new Shopify account and upgrade it to paid plan.
  3. Create an Erply account with Shopify connector enabled or contact our customer support to enable it for your existing Erply account.
  4. Configure the connector. Find the module in Erply and follow the instructions.shopify
  5. Run a test sync. Place some test orders in Shopify to make sure everything is configured as you like it to be.
  6. Make any design and text changes to your web store and you are ready to go live.

What are the benefits of online sales?

  • More detailed customer tracking
    • When it comes to customers in a physical location, it’s hard to see exactly what they’re doing. At the time of purchase, they may choose to opt out of creating a customer card in ERPLY. By selling online, you are able to gather information based on their sales and frequency of “visits” to better tailor the sales experience to them.
  • Larger area for sales opportunities
    • If your store is in California, chances are slim that customers are flying in from New York to make a purchase. With an online retail “location,” you’re in control of how large your sales bubble is. The USPS even offers flat rate boxes, so shipping costs are quick and simple to calculate. Thanks to the larger reach through e-commerce, your products could quickly become a national phenomenon!
  • Quicker turnover of stock
    • Thanks to the larger sales bubble of e-commerce, the products in your inventory will have a much shorter time on the shelf. If the products are perishable, the quicker turnover means it won’t get a chance to spoil on your shelves. The quick turnover means that inventory can be seasonally rotated, providing the customer with more options each time they visit your store. More stock rotation also means more data to review to for increasing sales. Notice certain stock is being sold more? Add a few extra of those on the next purchase, or try different types of that same product for customers to try.
  • Sales no longer limited to the stores business hours
    • The best feature of online shopping is that the doors are always open. This is one of the greatest conveniences that can be provided to a customer. Having an online store means they can shop at a time and place that is most convenient for them. If a customer wants to stay home in their pajamas on a lazy Sunday afternoon, they can still browse the virtual shelves of your business from the comfort of their own home. 24/7 service is the best thing that can be offered to a customer and with online retail, they won’t even need to walk into the store.

Most web-stores are built on 3rd party software platforms (Magento, Shopify, Prestashop etc). These companies are responsible for the technology behind the website (checkout experience, UI layout etc). With ERPLY, you’re not limited to just one e-commerce option. Through the use of our API, you can build a custom connector to nearly any e-commerce platform you choose. Talk to an ERPLY Support Agent and start setting up your online shop today!

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