Retail Software Customizations

Adding Plugin to Erply account opens the unlimited possibilities of Erply usage.

Erply Plugins are special developments for clients to add some functionality to Erply POS or Back Office. If you have extra needs for some functionality that is not activated on standard Erply we are ready to develop Plugin for you.
The extra functionality can be:

  • Import/Export
  • Reports
  • Back Office functions
  • POS functions
  • POS user interface

Import/Export – Plugin can import data from some existing system using EDI, TXT, CSV file or Excel document. Also, it can make data export from your Erply account for reporting purposes or to some other system. The import/export functionality can be done by developing the Plugin for your special needs. Examples of import/export plugins

Reports – For your special needs to get a customized report from Erply, we are able to develop Plugin regarding for your needs.

Examples of reports plugins

Back Office functions – If your business process requires some modifications what is not yet implemented to standard Erpy, we are able to develop extra Plugin to give new functionality for your Erply account.

Examples of Back Office functions plugins

POS functions – Regarding your business process you may have extra needs to add or restrict Erply POS functionality. With extra development, we can add this functionality into you POS by adding the Plugin into your account.

Examples of POS functions plugins

POS user interface – Erply POS user interface like some fields or buttons can be modified by developing special Plugin.

Examples of POS user interface plugins

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